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Stupid decisions

wpid-2014-11-30-18.18.34.jpg.jpegSo here I am writing a blog post sat in a car which has broken down. What makes it worse is that it is my own  fault I am sat here. I stupidly filled my car up with diesel instead of petrol.

But before I pile on the blame, let me offer you all an excuse. Firstly I drive a lot of different cars, every couple of weeks I swap cars as I drive hire cars all the time. The picture above is the label inside the petrol cap. This is the first time I have ever fuelled this car so I did a good check to make sure. There was nothing on the key ring, just this sticker inside the cap.

I looked at it and saw a P in a circle with a line through it. To me that reads No Petrol. So I thought this must be diesel. Big mistake. I am now waiting for the AA to come and tow me back home where they will drain and refuel the tank.

Why didn’t I check the engine to be certain, just start the car and wait for the diesel sound? Why didn’t I realise the diesel funnel thing was tight in the petrol tank? Because I was too busy.

In my hurry to get fuelled up and back home I made an error which cost me more than the few extra minutes needed to double-check.

The saying…

more haste, less speed comes to mind.

In my reflection on my blunder here in the cold, I have learned sometimes the pace of life tries to force you into taking snap decisions or moving quickly and our natural response is to give in to those pressures.

Sometimes you need to hold back for a little while to make a pressing decision. Weigh things up more thoroughly so you can feel 100% certain of the decision you make.

Tonight’s events have reminded me that when I am uncertain I should be more cautious.

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