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This is why your phone doesn’t ring!

A few weeks ago I described what I do as “making the phone ring and generating enquiries” but I am no salesman. I am creative marketer who has REAL life experience working to make sales in some cases to help keep a company alive!

Firstly, marketing is the process of attracting customers, retaining customers and winning new business. It permeates every department, every person and process. Marketing, done well, will pay you dividends in the future. Marketing builds and builds, yes, you advertising as part of a marketing strategy to make immediate sales, but it isn’t the most effective way to utilise marketing resource.

Rather than looking at this from a typical ten steps to make the phone ring angle, I thought I would share my reasons why your phone is not ringing DAILY with enquiries.

What we all want, which is a sure sign of a successful business, is organic enquiries, no google ad’s, no heavy SEO guru fees…here are my reasons why your phone isn’t ringing.

You are boring

I don’t need to add to this. If you are boring and uninteresting you will send people to sleep. Long copy aka waffle is the most frustrating thing for prospective customers. Get to the point.

You are not talking often enough

It takes, on average, 4-7 times for someone to remember your message. Too many people give up sharing their message or campaign too soon. Radio jingles, whilst generally are a thing of the past, everyone can remember one, why? because it has been heard so often.

You are not talking in the right places

Go where the customers are! Not where you can brag to your competitors or do some backslapping. Get onto social media, produce content which will help people in their daily work. Give away value. I recently had a client who was more focused on industry magazines, winning awards and accolades than winning new business. Spending £5k on adverts in professional publications only works if your clients read them.

You are not communicating consistently

Red, Green and then Blue. I have seen clients where their advertising is all over the show. Following the latest trends at the expense of consistency is suicide. Sure you will make great looking designs, but there will be zero brand recognition. Consistency of presentation is essential to be remembered. Inconsistency in presentation tells me one thing, you don’t know who you are!

You are not listening

The key to getting the phone to ring with enquiries is to listen to what the market is saying. If you’re offering isn’t fitting the needs of your prospective clients, they are never going to make an enquiry.

That’s my thoughts, agree, disagree and comment

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